Lavater's studies in physiognomy drove him to search for demonstrable traces of the divine in human life. Physiognomy, which claims to find correspondences between bodily features and psychological characteristics, often makes use of supposed similarities, such as natural hair color , eye color, facial structure. The same structure underlies the use of astrological tables in which animals, plants, and minerals, as well as human personality traits, are associated with the birth signs of the zodiac or planets.

Predictive methods of fortune-telling include astrology and numerology.

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Fortune-telling as a process of character analysis can take such forms as physiognomy study of facial characteristics , graphology study of handwriting , phrenology study of contours on the skull , and palmistry study of lines on the palm of the hand. In the 18th and 19th centuries, physiognomy was used by some of its proponents as a method of detecting criminal tendencies. Many bigots and racists still use physiognomy to judge character and personality.

Phrenology, the study of the conformation of the skull as indicative of mental faculties and traits of character, enjoyed great popular appeal well into the 20th century. The system of Franz-Joseph Gall was constructed by a method of pure empiricism. Some of the traits that he presumed to detect were "criminal. Lombroso tried to discern a possible relationship between criminal psychopathology and physical or constitutional defects. Among these anomalies, which he termed stigmata, were various unusual skull sizes and asymmetries of the facial bones. See physiognomy as a branch of physiology.

In the s, Dr Edward Vincent Jones, a US Superior Court Judge, fascinated by the similarity between people he met in thousands of courtroom encounters, began a study of physiognomy traits. Reviewing earlier literature on the subject, Jones determined to resolve the conflicting ideas he found there. Through repeated observations, he arrived at sixty-four physical traits that he deemed accurate indicators of character.

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It is on Jones's work, which he called "personology. Plan Interview.

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