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Man born under the sign of Pisces carries rather intriguing characteristics. He is, perhaps, one of the most intuitive male representatives of zodiac. Pisces man feels the world around him and has great insight into everything that is happening, as well as into people around. Pisces man is not likely to fall into depression, although many would say he appears somewhat gloomy and sad. He is a dreamer and a romantic; Pisces is a bit melancholic and he enjoys it. He is a very flexible and adjustable personality, perhaps the most adaptable of his kind, meaning the group of Water zodiac signs.

He simply does not know how to lose. Pisces man is optimistic and he could always find the bright spot in the darkest of circumstances. Pisces man is deeply empathic and full of understanding for everyone. He has huge imagination, but still possesses enough of logic and reason that keep him down to earth. However, speaking with Pisces man, you will get an impression of talking to someone who dwells in two different worlds, in the same time.

3 Best Compatibility Matches for Taurus Zodiac Sign

All Pisces are like that. He will listen to you, but, at the same time, he will see much deeper than you would like to be seen.

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The world of a Pisces is a kingdom of emotions; there are so many that it could become really complicated to understand a representative of this mysterious Water sign. Pisces man does not care much about what other people think about him. He enjoys his own imaginative world and is perfectly capable of taking good care of things important. However, he is not the steadiest of people. Pisces man is capable of making changes, choosing one way over the other and then changing his opinion again and so on and on. He is someone who values his emotional well-being and richness way more than material success and loads of money.

He needs in his life people who understand that. Pisces man is usually very handy and capable of making things; it could eventually bring him incredible success in life. However, he does not open up easily or foolishly start a relationship. He enjoys exploring, analyzing, studying the person he is interested in. He finds it enjoyable and easy to do all sorts of romantic gestures.

He is an ultimate poet when it comes to speech of love. She is self-confident, dominant and stable.

Taurus Man and Taurus Woman Compatibility

Taurus woman has opinions in everything and there is no way you could change her attitude and point of view. It would as if you are trying to move a mountain. Taurus woman does not give up her ideas, no matter how hard someone tries to show her other approaches, because she would feel it as a failure. Well, she does not like losing. Taurus woman is particularly sensitive when it comes to professional development.

She is usually successful in private business, where she can control and dominate everything. She feels very good in leading position, but prefers to have everything in reach and to be in touch with everyone. She would not willingly coordinate a large company, but a smaller, cozier and more familiar one. However, work is indeed what she is obsessed with.

Taurus woman could endlessly talk about her career and professional endeavors. She usually makes friends among colleagues, so they can talk about their job. Taurus woman values stability and honesty above everything else. She loves to be in charge, but she would accept working for others until she has enough of capital to become independent. Taurus woman has iron patience and she is generally a calm personality. She is down to earth, reasonable and rational.

Taurus woman never worries about too many things and is definitely not an impulsive person. Taurus lady could be the voice of reason in an unpleasant and shocking situation, although Taurus is not very flexible and changeable. Actually, her reason, steadiness and the ability to keep cool head in critic situations make her successful in all areas of life. She is a very reliable and supportive friend.

Summary of Taurus compatibility

Although not particularly sensitive and overly empathic, Taurus woman would always be there for you. She is someone who will always put truth over pink eyeglasses and you could trust that she says what she thinks. Well, Taurus woman always says what is on her mind. Most of the time, she keeps to herself. She is not an attention seeker, but is not shy.

Taurus woman is strong willed and determined about her goals. She would not change for you, be sure of that and do not try to irritate her by asking to change her habits or behavior. She would not bother explaining her actions and decisions to you, so do not try to ask that, either. Taurus woman is a person of great integrity, strict in social relations, but polite, kind and friendly in total.

She loves simple pleasures in life. Taurus woman would like to lead a comfortable life she has built up on her own. Taurus women are suspicious about relationships and they would study you before they make sure you are all of the above.

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Water and Earth element signs often make a lovely match, which is, indeed, the case of Pisces man and Taurus woman. Perhaps the vice versa combination is even better, but here we have a very pleasing connection, as well. Taurus woman, Earth sign, needs Pisces, Water sign, to inspire her, to spark her imagination and motivation and make her more open to opinions and ideas other of her own.

Taurus woman is charming, self-confident and oriented towards stability in life, family and security. Pisces man is kind, loving and deeply emotional. But they're wrong! Because even though "nothing" seems to be going on—and earth signs are pretty content just hanging out and doing day-to-day stuff—Taurus and their earth sign lover are building a bedrock of trust between them, making a rock-solid relationship that will survive for years. Of course, there is such a thing as being too complacent. If a Taurus is always drawn to earth signs, they may find themselves feeling resentful and boxed in.

The trick is making sure to occasionally go out of their comfort zone. Taking a vacation, trying a partner yoga class, or going on a double date with another couple can save the romance from feeling too stale. Have your heart set on a Taurus?


Love Match for Taurus

In order to make a Taurus notice you, you've got to rethink how you flirt. Taurus isn't into pickup lines or surface conversations. But they also aren't into you laying your heart bare in your first one-on-one conversation. To win over a Taurus, you need to show off your own amazing traits— but in a way that doesn't seem show-offy.

Seem like a tough order? Here's how, so Taurus will become loyal to you :. Connect over ideas: An idealistic sign, Taurus is drawn to people who are similarly passionate about ideas, beliefs, or motivations. Talk up your job, volunteer work, or hobby. Even though Taurus seems placid, they're drawn to passion, and they love seeing it in a potential partner.

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Don't shy away from taboo topics: While you're not "supposed" to talk about religion or politics with a potential partner, Taurus loves when conversations get real—and doesn't mind if you disagree. The more you explain your beliefs, even if they're opposite, the more Taurus will respect you. Remember details: When Taurus tells you something, understand that it's important.

Write up some notes after a date if you have to, but remembering the name of that childhood pet or where those siblings live will endear you to a Taurus. Super sensual, Taureans are all about touch, touch, touch. The best lovemaking sessions with Taurus last for hours, only to start all over again. Foreplay begins well before the bedroom.

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Watch the way Taureans touch themselves—a gentle rub of their own arm is a sign of how they want to be touched. Keep clothes on as long as possible. Taurus women love having their hair played with and their feet massaged as they revel in different sensations. Taurus men love the feeling of their ears being played with, their neck being grazed by teeth. This sign loves it when their lover finds seductive spots all over their body. In bed, give freely. Taurus loves oral attention, and you can trust this will be reciprocated. Keep the pillow talk to a minimum, because it takes Taurus out of the moment.

Taurus loves connecting physically, and can even make a quickie feel indulgent. Shower sex is particularly great, and no Taurus can resist hotel sex. Even booking a hotel in town for an evening will take the night to the next level. Don't try to change her.