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1 day ago Today's love horoscope forecast for Tuesday, October 8, , is here for Cancer, the Moon in Aquarius can open the door to a new way of.

Predicting the future using the horoscope is one of the traditional uses of Astrology. Horoscopes are used by millions today, as a reliable guide and forecasting tool for future trends and tendencies. Astrology shows that the stars and planets are a map to our personalities and a guide to our place in the world.

It explains how the world is regular and predictable up to a point! A horoscope containing an astrological forecast will place these trends into a context, with regard to our own personal destinies. Our daily horoscopes also contain numbers and colours favoured by the planetary patterns for the day. This might help you in your bingo!


Enlightened Astrology does not teach a purely fatalistic view of the world. Within the environment indicated by the stars, as shown in the horoscope, we have considerable freedom to move and make decisions, according to our character and circumstances. Health remains good if you aware of the needs of your body listen to your body with great care and compassion.

Be spiritual, it might be helpful to give yourself the time and space to consider your mental thirst too. The balance of body, mind and spirit is the theme of the week. Spirituality play important role and you are fully aware of it. You can heal yourself nicely just be in tune with nature and positive mindset.

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This is your time when it comes to career. If you are looking for a position then there are very positive chances for you to get it. If you are already at a position, things will get even better.

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This is a time when you will be acknowledged for your hard work and success will be yours. You will receive the acclaim, honor and award that you deserve. Enjoy the feeling of a healthy self-esteem that comes for the work you have done. You relationships are all about striking the right balance this week.

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Be mindful of the give and take aspect that is required for the success of every relation. You have good chances of meeting someone special, if single. Give a chance to love as it can hold a potential relationship in the future.

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You need a break, have some time of your own to come out of the monotonous schedule. You may take spirituality as stress buster and to lead a healthy life. Soon you will find your negativity turn into positive and make you much better person. An exercise regimen will keep you slim and trim. The good news in terms of your career is on the way.

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Those in export — import business will soon get a big deal. You will make contacts with the people abroad, travelling, new association and assignment done in this period will prove fruitful to you. You may be tempted to take on more duties and responsibilities. Regularize your work. A partnership in business or personal, or both is going to be in your favor.

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Chances of enjoying the company of friends at work cannot be ruled out. You might be having second thoughts and your doubts especially the issues regarding ancestral property will come to the surface in the coming week.